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A mobile client for managed contact lists

So here’s the situation: you want to have all the phone numbers and email addresses of your committee members on your iPhone, so you enter all their info into your contact list. Then a week later you learn that Bob has left the committee, Jayson just joined to replace Bob, Suzy got a new phone with a number you don’t know yet, and Michelle’s gone off on vacation for three weeks—now you have to find the time to update your contact list with all these changes (just like all the other committee members are doing on their devices). But you’ve got a better idea: how about managing the committee’s contact list in a central location (like MS SharePoint) and then distributing it to everyone’s mobile devices? That way only one person needs to take care of the data and everyone will have the same latest accurate information. Now all you need is a client for your mobile device to handle and display this information: Contact Lists To Go (CL2Go).

Not just another personal contact list manager application, CL2Go is tailored for the business environment, maintaining updated contact lists for your company’s dynamic community of committees, groups, teams, etc. Only the mobile client application is described here. In order to work, the client requires a back-end database and an infrastructure set up to manage list memberships, contact details, and access permissions. The mobile client presents only centralized and managed contact information on your device. Currently CL2Go supports iPhone (iPod Touch, iPad) and BlackBerry platforms (with slight differences in implementation due to specific update technologies). CL2Go is capable of keeping contact list information on the device (making it available even when there is no network connection), receiving regular updates over the data network or Wi-Fi, and providing various convenient features such as searchable contacts, support for multiple lists, and information retrieval from a lost device.

About the authors

CL2Go was developed by the Applications Support Group and released into production for the BlackBerry platform in March 2010 as a centralized managed contact list distribution process by McGill University’s Network and Communications Services. Additional modules were subsequently implemented for the iOS mobile platform, and support for the Android platform is in the works.

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*The following description is illustrated by the screenshot presentation shown on the left side of the page.

Installing the application will place a CL2Go icon on your device’s desktop. To receive contact lists and updates you’ll need to provide your username and password (under “Settings”) to authorize your device. Your device will then be able to securely retrieve Contacts information from our server. We also distribute a list of “useful contacts” to everyone (not just authorized users).
The application opens to display all the contact lists that your account is subscribed to. Note that list subscriptions are not managed by this application and are set up their respective list administrators (McGill University users should refer to “Service for McGill” tab for details).

On the screen of contact lists, you can use the “Search” field to find a user from any of your CL2Go lists. To navigate through a contact list, select the list name to access group directories and eventually individual contact information. The typical contact listing contains a phone number, email address and job title; additional details can be added such as a second phone number, name of a backup person, etc. You can initiate a call directly from the contact listing as well as send an email or SMS.
Under “More” you will find information about technical support, the latest contact list update, and sending us feedback.

(Please note that list subscription managed outside of this application. It should be set up by a person administering the list. McGill university users please refer to "Service for McGill" tab for more details.)

Management of a new contact list can be arranged with Network and Communications Services (NCS) for any staff unit/group at McGill University. NCS will provide the CL2Go back-end infrastructure, data storage, and application administration for McGill unit/group. Meanwhile, maintenance of the actual contact information listings will be the responsibility of the McGill unit/group itself.

How to request service access

To request service, a representative of the McGill unit/group will need to provide the following information:
  • Name and contact information of the list owner;
  • Names and contact information of any editors (those authorized to modify/update contact listing information);
  • Name of the contact list;
Upon receipt of the request, a blank SharePoint site will be created and permissions granted accordingly. This SharePoint site is where the contact list will be managed, and from where the contact list will be automatically uploaded to users’ devices on a daily basis (or when any information has been updated). Content management is the responsibility of the list owner. Content distribution is handled by CL2Go, while distribution list management is taken care of by NCS (and possibly by the list owner in the future).

The list owners are also responsible for their list’s subscription policy. If someone wishes to subscribe to a list, they must contact that list’s owner in order to receive that list on their device. Note that the contacts in a list and subscribers to that list are two separate and not necessarily identical entities: being included in a list doesn’t automatically make you a subscriber to that list, and subscribing to a list doesn’t automatically make you a part of that list.

Where do I get the application

BlackBerry users registered with our BlackBerry Enterprise Server will automatically receive CL2Go on their device once a list owner has added them to their recipient list.

iPhone users need to install the CL2Go client from Apple’s iTunes App Store, under “Productivity”. Be sure to read the accompanying instructions to familiarize yourself with the application and its required permissions.

Minimum Requirements

BlackBerry users must be using handheld version 4.5 or later. iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users need iOS version 3.1 or later.


There is no cost associated with the CL2Go service (apart from the data plan of your mobile device).


The CL2Go service is available 24/7 (except during scheduled/unscheduled maintenance periods). Check the McGill IT Services website for any announcements regarding service interruptions.


Any queries you may have can be submitted to the ICS Service Desk
You can contact the CL2Go development team with your CL2Go app’s
“Send Feedback”